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Disaster Service License Providers | RIA Vs. IICRC | Comparison

Published by 911 Restoration South Bay Los Angeles on April 21, 2022 in category: Fire Damage Repair

RIA Vs. IICRC –The Difference between Disaster Service CompaniesRIA and IICRC sent out a letter to disaster service companies and the UN. It said that providers offer services but aren’t trained. This meant poor service for you, the customers. Every provider is getting a bad name because of this. IICRC and RIA have always been considered competitors. This may have been the case, but now they are working together.

The two support the same goal but have different approaches to achieving it. They want disaster service services to provide better value to you at all times. The goal is not just to improve your life but also the industry.

In this article, we will look at the difference between IICRC & RIA and which one is better. Should you look for IICRC disaster service license? Or is RIA’s license better?

RIA & ICCRC Licenses For Disaster Services

Disaster services have become very important. As you may have noticed that the number of disasters is increasing. RIA and IICRC understand this growth. This is why there are now partnering with each other to give better licenses and, therefore, better services for you. 

What is IICRC

IICRC is a non-profit that keeps a close eye on the market activities for:

  1. Inspection
  2. Cleaning and
  3. Restoration services

It used to be the International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning (IICUC). In 1972 Ed York started it as a company, but as other companies started looking to it for advice, the company turned into what it is today. Now, there are over 49,000 certified technicians and 6,500 companies certified with the company. 911 Service of South Bay Los Angeles is one of those companies. 

It offers numerous licenses that help with disaster services. These include:

  1. Cleaning Services
  2. Drying Services
  3. Floor Care
  4. Fire and Smoke Damage Service
  5. Mold Removal
  6. Odor Removal & Control
  7. Trauma and Crime Scene
  8. Wood Floor Maintenance
  9. Water Damage Service
  10. Wood and Laminate Flooring 

As a certified technician, you can carry your license with you. As a customer, you are free to request that the service provider show you their license. Most technicians proudly present their license on their website, cards, or more.

What is RIA

RIA is the first non-profit body in the industry. You may have heard of its leadership-based courses. It used to be one of the largest license providers, but recently IICRC has managed to leave it behind.

It also improves moral values, better behavior, and professional behavior while working, along with expertise in the field. Also, RIA has always provided new learning options for disaster service. This means that you can expect the person holding an RIA license to be highly well versed. 

Key training courses it offers include:

  1. General service
  2. Fire damage service
  3. Mold service
  4. Smoke damage service
  5. Water damage service

The license is great for people who work in one field. The course is more detailed and so gives more information. Unlike IICRC, though, it does not offer as much detail into other services.

For example, the IICRC course explains water damage service and mold removal process individually. Its license will also explain how to deal with the issues during and after fire damage service training session. However, this is not the case with RIA, as it only gives an overview of these supporting services.

RIA & IICRC – What’s Same

This is the as far as differences between IICRC and RIA go. Other than the course material, they are almost the same. They both help you get the best service you can expect from disaster services near you.

Industrial and commercial sectors issues are tougher to handle when it comes to disaster service. This is why both bodies focus on Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) teachings for safety. OSHA normally offers the 10- and 30-hour licenses. There is also the basic training license that helps you understand first aid and emergency response. 

However, even if you start the RIA or IICRC license, there is a very good chance that you will get a certain degree of safety training resembling the OSHA plans. The best way to learn more about them is to either take part in the course or ask someone who is licensed. 

911 Restoration is completely licensed and can help you understand what the license really means and what you should be looking for in it. Our experts can not only guide you about disaster safety, but also about how you can identify the best disaster service. However, in the battle for RIA vs IICRC, there is no clear winner. It is only about what you want to focus on; thoroughness or specialization. 

If you would like to see the difference first-hand, then give 911 Service of South Bay Los Angeles a call. Our experts are IICRC certified. There are also several RIA-certified experts out there, each offering a unique advantage to whoever holds the license. 


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